Me Motivate Me?

Me Motivate Me?

Self-propelled motivation. You need it… at least at first.

People usually have to get to their very own realization that they simply cannot do it by themselves. They realize they have tried many things over the years and nothing has lasted. They’ve started so many times only to fizzle out.

So you use your early onset, self-motivation to find a buddy, a friend that is also desperately trying to lose the weight as well and you join together. Or you join a gym thinking okay, now I am going to do it.

But you still don’t really, truly know what you’re doing in there, the results didn’t happen in two weeks – or two months, and oh terrific, your workout friend didn’t show up, again.

That motivation level has slipped just a little bit.

But to get started you have to be at the fuse lighting point. YOU  have to want it so bad and be so sick of being overweight and so sick of feeling like crap.

That my friend is the best place to start. It’s my favorite place for you to start. You have to admit and then share your strongholds in order to break through them. You have to admit that you might just need a little help.

Here’s another thing, someone else cannot want your weight loss and healthy lifestyle more than  you want it.
YOU have to want it and want it so bad that you’ll light your own fuse.

THAT is when I get a call. Those are the people that I will further stoke the flames on the way to their goals. The people that know they are finally ready, they know they need a little (or a lot) of help to reach success.

Here are some secrets about the human condition (and what I LOVE to help you with!):

People won’t go as fast as they can.  (not fully committed in themselves outside, or inside of gym)
They don’t work as hard as they can either. (afraid of success, unrealized self-worth)
They are not as disciplined as possible. (boredom sets in, you are top priority. Healthy matters!)
They show up less positive-minded or enthusiastic as they can be. (impatient, not happening fast enough)

Honey, it’s spring break time. It’s GAME TIME. January 1st is longgggg gone.

If you’re match is ready, I’m ready for you. I ALWAYS want your weight loss success. But, I cannot want it more than you.  You have to show up, you have to do the things that work, you have to stick with it.

People have told me (way too many times) that I am the most cost efficient, most effective trainer they’ve had, that they have gotten way more than imagined from training with me. I’ve heard these things for years now, and am so blessed because of it. It’s why and how people find me, it’s how I get my wonderful referrals. And it’s how we all end up being so lucky! I am all about the win/win situations.

Go to my website, check out Our Services. Read about me. Check out testimonies, a few pictures, keep your eye out for my new website in a couple months (psst: It’s going to be AMAZING!)

Then, check out others, go research, ask around. I’ve been helping people for 13 years in this area and have gotten people to amazing successes.  (this thrills me beyond measure!)

My goal is to get you to see and feel and learn how to keep your body in it’s finest shape. You doing that always keep my motivational fires burning!

You are worth it!

“Come on baby, light your fire!”

I just can’t stand it! 😀 My bitmojis make me happy!

Love ya,
Cin 🙂

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