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Cindy Sams, Fitness Coach in Carmel

Hi there! I am so glad you’re here. You know, it seems like so long ago now, but I have been in your shoes. I get exactly what you’re feeling. Hopeless, helpless, why isn’t this working!? No energy, bad sleep, miserable about clothes fitting poorly, trying everything under the sun to get the weight OFF. That all changes right now. When we speak on the phone, know that I understand exactly what you are needing and looking for. It’s right here in my studio and courses I offer. Just ask my clients! Because you see, they are in the same place when they find me. And just like them, by the time you get finished talking with me and setting up your fitness assessment, you’ll have acquired hope and a light will be lit inside you just like they had. I will help you fan those flames with the strongest skills and knowledge you will ever find in this weight loss arena. You and me, for the duration of the course you choose, will implement everything in my toolbox to get you your “finally” results! So many people are confused about what foods to eat and when, I will not only show you WHY it’s not working but show you how to make it work. Don’t know how to correctly use all those weights and machines? Feeling intimidated in the gym so you’re resigned to classes because it feels safe, but not seeing true, real results? I hear this from current clients often. Let me tell ya friend, this is the place where you get off that roller coaster. How about it? I think it’s time for you to feel magnificent in your skin, mind, body, and spirit. Don’t you? Call me today. Let’s take care of this once and for all!

I will help empower you with knowledge, skillsets and tools, using my bold attitude of determination and perseverance with a big splash of humor that will inspire you to stay focused.
My purpose and goal for you is to help you finally get results – and keep them! I will show you sustainable, simple ways to prepare food and sometimes try a bite of something delicious. You will feel hopeful and confident in knowing the skills and tools learned here are working as you will see results. My passion in helping you every step of the way shows up for you in my 20 years of experience and clients’ successes are proof! Better sleep, more energy, stronger, more flexible, postural corrections, less pain, less body fat and inches, along with positivity and true health… Hmmm, sounds good huh? Check out google reviews along with a few yelp reviews and let’s get you started!

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