Terrifically TYRA!!

WOW.  What can I say. She’s been a DELIGHT to help. She has accomplished so much during her two Game Changers packages!!!  We’ve had LOTS of giggles through it all!

Here is her fantastic review she wrote:  “Cindy is an amazing personal trainer and health coach. She is funny, caring, and understanding of our limits when we 1st start with her. The sessions are private one on one in her home. I am 52, had never exercised much and had never done any type of strength training. The idea of exercise terrified me. I was in a pretty low period emotionally and physically. She made me feel safe and helped me get past my embarrassment at how limited I was physically. She is VERY focused on overall health and strength training without injury. The sessions were not as hard as I expected. She starts you out gently. She worked on areas of my body that helped with mobility that is most important for aging safely. Back, knees, neck etc . In the beginning, I could barely get myself up off the floor and going up and down stairs always felt dangerous because of my poor knees. I had  to cling to the hand rails in fear. I was out of breath just walking up the stairs or down the block. It didn’t take long before that stopped being a problem. I can jog up the stairs now and my knees and back are no longer hurting. The weight loss portion was a big change but reducing inflammatory foods made me feel less pain waking up each day. I thought that was just normal aging. It was inflammation from poor food choices. I felt normal waking up each morning after just 2 weeks on her program. She helps motivate you and is so excited for you. She keeps you laughing so the hour flies by. The food change was dramatic at 1st but it was very doable. She is on the same food plan and lives it everyday so she has lots of ideas of how to work it around your lifestyle. I didn’t think I could lose weight after menopause. All of us who are overweight think we know how to lose weight but menopause changed what I knew about how my body “dieted.” Before working with Cindy, No matter how little I ate,  I would not lose easily. Her program helped change the time I ate and the types of food I chose. Certain foods I thought were healthy we’re keeping me from losing. She helps teach you what will work best to help reduce inflammation and get your body losing weight again. I was around 260 when I started. I did a 5 month plan and lost around 50 lbs. I have re-upped for another 5 months because I am only half way to the goal of where I would like to be. I have gone from a size 22 to a 14 already. I know to some people the cost might be a lot to commit to for 5 months, but if you break down the hourly cost, it is cheaper than a doctors visit, dietician session, a mental health therapy visit and other personal trainers who just do the exercise portion. The coaching aspect and visits for an hour 3x a week make her program unique. She is a gift, just do it. It will change your life.”


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