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6 Months, Game Changer and then some!  31.2 lbs down, 13.3% body fat gone, 18.15 inches gone!


I LOVE helping people fit into clothes they haven’t worn for a while, and lose those rolls! Five month Game Changer is YOUR best bet for full and lasting success.

Jenni came back for a 3 month Reboot to lose some extra lbs and get toned and solidify good habits and techniques!


She has done magnificently in her five month Game Changer Package! 2 x a month revisits in the studio to make sure she stays on track and keeps losing the remaining weight on her own!


LOVE these progression pictures of her success!  Bumping up to 4 days of strength training will push her all the way through (Her daughter is getting married this fall)  16 weeks of training only!!! (because she pushed to four days a week after FBF, she’s is even more fit!!!!) 😀

12 weeks in

Slimmed, toned and tightened!  You have to love that!

12 weeks in

15 weeks in

4 months in!

12 weeks in

3 months and away she goes to winter in Florida!

Most people are here for at LEAST 3 months, some do another three months, others know they need the five month package and begin there!

I always meet you where you’re at in your health and we go forth from there!   I love the smiles on faces when the fat and rolls disappear!

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