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There will be many deciding factors for you to take into account. First, know that these courses are indeed COURSES. They are not “group” or typical, outdated “personal training” where you are not truly being TAUGHT life changing skills and tools such as NUTRITION and properly using all gym equipment (free weights and machines).  Way too many of my clients tell me that they got injured elsewhere, got bulkier, or had no results during a previous experience. Wha? …loud music, cheering and sweating your butt off do NOT equal a productive and effective workout. My courses are tailored to help you truly understand food and nutrition, along with correct strength training with big gym equipment and help you reach the results you have been desiring without injury. Course info teaches you about HOW your body works hormonally and cellularly, etc., and why what you are doing is not working… and then implementing the correct methods that visually and physically change your body. Results are in fact guaranteed when you implement all the highly valuable information and tools you will learn. Again, it’s a course, not a class. I share information on Nutrition that is not being taught out in the mainstream fitness arena, effective and efficient Strength Training, proper Cardio for fat burn/endurance, Flexibility gains, help with posture and back pain, knees, lower cellular inflammation and help you get off unwanted meds – and SO much more on top of all that even my clients will tell you, you won’t find anywhere else. Too many people are still struggling and these courses bring it back to a basic, logical mindset and seriously strong skill implementation. (and we have fun while doing it all) It begins with my Eating Guide at your Fitness Assessment and consistent discussion throughout your course. You’ll get a visual on portions, what prep looks like and perhaps a taste! Ask yourself honestly how long will it take for you to get to easily MAINTENANABLE body weight/fat loss and get your health back.Is it the Finally Fit course? Or go ALL the way with the Game Changer?  Most clients upgrade within a week to my five month package from a 3 month package. They GET IT. Those longer packages are where clients find true, lasting success! Duration, persistence, consistency wins the day. Do you need even more than that? Let’s talk it through! The results plus so much health information on how to actually BE HEALTHY is why you sign up. Tired of up and down weight, confusion and defeat? Stop and get off that crazy train! How about getting results for all your hard work and money investment.  I WANT RESULTS FOR YOU! DO YOU? Then learn, implement and watch the fat melt off. Who cares what the scale says… it means nothing until you release fat and inches and get strong. Read client reviews and listen to client videos. It seems from what I hear from my peeps who have been with other local trainers– NO ONE IS TEACHING the things in my courses! This is upsetting to me, but I am SO grateful and happy when my clients find me — and so are they. As your Full-Body Fitness complete health coach I’ll provide accountability, direction and whole-hearted support every step of the way. You will gain massive knowledge and life skills that will always help you stay on track, no matter what life throws at you! Stop the struggle and confusion. Take the time to check out google reviews (85), along with a dozen or so on yelp. They are powerful. My clients are truly terrific!

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