Stacey's Got It Going On

Stacey’s Got It Going On

Stacey’s Review: “… Little did I know it would be the best money and time I would ever spend! I spent 5 years at Orange Theory and just could never get the results I wanted. 15 classes per month and yet my weight was exactly the same – frustrating! I tried juice cleanses, protein drinks, anything I could think of. I know many would say “you don’t have to lose weight’ – but I wanted to be more confident and comfortable with my body (more energy!) My fitness journey truly started 4/21. I spent the next 12 weeks committed to following her eating plan to the best of my ability. At the end of EACH month, I was dropping fat and inches and weight – I couldn’t believe it!  Looking back, it’s amazing to think how my lifestyle has changed for the better. My husband can’t believe how much my body has totally changed in that short amount of time. I added on another 1.5 months and will likely add more. As much as she has taught me the skills I needed to do food and fitness on my own, I like to have her accountability. I will tell you Cindy is a no-nonsense kinda gal, she commits to you and you need to be ready to commit as well. She provides you with ALL the skills necessary to drop that dreaded weight in a healthy way. She will be your biggest coach and cheerleader but at the end of the day you are the player so you need to be ready to come to play! If you are someone who’s shared similar weight loss frustrations like myself, then I HIGHLY recommend starting your fitness and nutrition journey with Cindy.”

Most people come to my studio in the 30% or more body fat range.  They are feeling chubby flubby tired and gross in their clothes.  Most people get to a healthy body fat % by the end of their package(s). I LOVE MY CLIENTS and want the  best for them, but I cannot want it more than YOU DO.  Ready?

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