Fitness Assessment

Wow! I promise you this – at the end of your assessment, whether excited or a little nervous – you will be hopeful, happy and ready to begin this journey!

Here’s What You Can Expect

Your Initial Fitness Assessment is all about gathering information, giving YOU information and getting you motivated! The information is the KEY to your success and when implemented will help you get your transformational results. I’ve had clients lose scale weight, bloat, sleep better and gain energy all within their first week! How cool does that sound?! Let’s begin.
  • Dress for a Workout

    I ask that you dress for a workout (form fitting clothes and gym shoes) as we will get right down to business!

  • Talk About It

    I’ll sit down with your paperwork, your nutritional habits and patterns, and any "problems" you might have (i.e., bad knee, injured left shoulder, sore low back). We'll take body fat and circumference measurements and step on the scale. (It's okay! These numbers always go DOWN!)

  • Say Cheese!

    I love to take "before" pictures because they really show the progression! (These are for our eyes only, unless given permission to share your awesome results!)

  • Get Moving

    When all this information has been gathered we’ll move into the studio where I'll have you do a warm up to see your cardiovascular capacity. All this information is used as a baseline so that when we re-measure later on, we can see where your overall improvement has taken place.

  • Sign & Pay

    Payment is due at this time and we will sign your contract, go over our schedules and I'll answer any questions you may have. Payment Methods: Check, Credit Card, or Cash w/receipt.

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