YOUR 90-Day Push!

YOUR 90-Day Push!

Do you remember when 2008 hit? The economy crashed. Yet somehow during this time, the weight loss community didn’t. Our health issues were skyrocketing. Gyms were popping up…
e v e r y w h e r e.

What did that mean?

It meant that the industry got inundated with “new” personal trainers to fill up all the new and exciting gyms that were opening. Sounds great doesn’t it?

I’ve learned from talking and working with thousands of people that this is not the case, it’s not great. Most of those trainers got in it because they thought it was “easy.” There was no passion, no teaching of skills of mindset, habit creation, and worst – little to no success in their clients’ weight loss journey. (and I am not talking “all” obviously, just too many who didn’t/don’t care. I know some terrific trainers!) 😀

It breaks my heart that they had a bad experience, but here’s the cool thing…

As it turns out, I get the privilege of helping to change that story and experience!

What a gift. My three month package is a gift. To you, your body, your mind and your spirit. If you have 20 lbs. to lose or 120 lbs., it’s going to take juuuuuust a little time friend.

This is the truth of the situation:

And it usually takes more than 90 days, but 90 is a strong foundation to launch from to success!

To put it into perspective, when I lost my weight it took me five months of busting tail six days a week in the gym.

So if you are ready, willing, and you already know you are able, so quit telling yourself otherwise, learn how to lose weight. It’s not “rocket science” – it’s simply learning how your body ticks and the skills and tools to move you into a healthy, fit body and mind-frame.

There are four things you are going to absolutely know when you are working with me:

1. How to eat correctly for weight loss: how your body works and how you can skyrocket your metabolism (your body fat burning engine!);

2. How to be comfortable and confident lifting weights and using all machines;

3. How to do cardio for body fat burn (yea baby!) and endurance;

4. How to stretch correctly and efficiently to gain flexibility and age beautifully.

Bonus: I’ll help you identify self-sabotaging behaviors and triggers that hold you back!

Double Bonus: You WILL see and feel results. 12 weeks has most people losing 1-3 pant sizes.

When you do these things, you will get healthy and fit. So if you’re not losing fat, inches and having to go shop for new clothes, you’re not doing these things correctly for your weight loss goals.

Anything else?

Yep. 🙂

I work mainly with people who have weight issues. People who have been struggling for a long long time. People who are fed UP with it and are ready to change their life are the people I love working with.  And when they work with me, and… listen to what I share, lives and health scenarios are changed for the better, ah ha moments occur regularly here in the studio.

You see, it is not a matter of simply “joining a gym.”  Will I eventually have  you doing that? I sure will. But you need to know what you are doing once you enter the doors.

Personal training is a 1 on 1 intense skills training, so you then can utilize your gym membership to the best advantage and success!

I don’t like to waste my time – unless I’m on a beach. Yes please!

When I enter a gym I am there for a purpose. My workouts are efficient, hard, and most importantly EFFECTIVE. Results are seen, felt and fantastic!

Now that is a gift worth receiving.

If you are asking yourself who IS this woman, this Cindy Sams, this personal trainer? What is she all about? How is it she’s been doing what she’s been doing for over thirteen years? Well, here’s me in a nutshell:

Are you ready? Jump. The water is fine here: Full-Body Fitness, LLC

Now let’s move honey.

Hugs and blue skies,
Cindy 😀

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