You Say Caramel. I say Carmel.

You Say Caramel. I say Carmel.

In Winter,



Or Fall,

Carmel, Indiana really does have it all!

I just love the Monon Trail. Seriously.  It’s quite delicious.  Peaceful, yet active – it’s alive. I feel fully alive and in tune with myself and nature when I am on it.  Whether biking, hiking, or running it – you will too.

The church I attend is in Carmel as well (psst, it’s the big one on the hill). You can see it’s beauty here,

and especially, here.

I love sitting in the little prayer garden outside of the children’s ministry wing and looking out over the cross country field.  Sheer peace, beauty with the winds blowing through the majestic trees out back.  It soothes my soul.

Another great thing is that I have a LOT of people who live in Carmel and have come to me over the past decade or so as a client (and who have turned into friend) of Full-Body Fitness. And they keep coming…

However, there is more than just the Monon and Northview in Carmel!  So many interesting things to do and places to go to get your fit on while you are waiting for your next workout with me.  I love the arts district and walking around town, window shopping, stopping in for a bite here, a beverage there, and oh yea, people watching! So many parks and little hiking spots and fun things to do.  Check it out at Carmel’s main website: See Fun Here

Sure my studio is in Fishers, but I am smack dab in the middle of Hamilton County!  YOU are only 10 minutes away from a healthier, more vibrant, active body!

While I am in the middle of “busy time” – phone lines are open and awaiting your call.  It’s time.  Don’t wait until school is in session.  That is when I am in “super-busy time.”

Can’t wait to work with you, help you change your body to where you really are digging the skin you’re in!



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