You Put Your Right Foot In

You Put Your Right Foot In

You put your right foot out. Then put your right foot in, and you shake it all about.

What is it about this time of year?

Over the years I have noticed a pattern in people.

On one side you’ve got those people who are working out either with a personal trainer or going to their local gym. These folks are already in motion, losing weight, lifting weights, eating better. Some are hiring their personal trainer right now. Why?  Because now means you want it bad. It means you’re ready. You are determined to make it happen.  Right NOW can be scary for some. It holds you accountable. Now is real.

On the other side are those who are just “waiting” until next year. After all the holidays and hoopla. Waiting until after the kids get back in school. After they lose some weight. Always after something. Here’s the thing: You cannot put the horse before the cart.

To a lot of people out there, and I mean LOTS, this makes no sense. You see, the gyms are open now. They are open during the holidays. The holidays were here last year. They are here now. The kids are driving you crazy and you can get out now. (you know it’s true!) You’ll lose weight when you go now. Deals are there to be had now honey!

Don’t wait is my Motto. It’s the motto of the people who have already figured it out that “after” never works. Now does. Right now creates a sense of urgency, accomplishment and a feeling of pride in yourself. It means you are in motion and you get to lose the weight now!  You see?  That is some awesome thinking pattern right there! I just got really motivated after typing that right NOW! 😀

You can do after getting something else done of course, however what happens when after is now?  What happens when you have gained the winter 10 (or 15) and the after that is holding you back, is now? Will you do something after spring is here?  Oh, no… not another “after.”

How about just plain old now.   Most people find me extremely motivating!  My clients will tell you this is true. I LOVE putting a smile on your face, as well as seeing some sweat dripping down it!  I just can’t help myself! I am a now woman. It’s time. Just think for a second what it would feel like to just do it N O W!   I just got the goosebumps.

So, what to do with all this, now that you are ready for your now…. well, you know that deal you were wanting after the holidays?  It’s here now.  I am practically giving away a free month of training!!! That’s right.  Merry Christmas and Happy New You in one fell swoop! 🙂

Check it out Here!    Package No. 3.  Seriously, there is a reason why people jump on this one. And quite frankly, they jump on it again and again so you might as well check out No. 4 while you’re at it.

Do the math. Do you now.

Now works. Now rocks. Now is the time to light it UP honey. 🙂

Don’t wait until…. after.


Cindy 🙂

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