Jump! Your Net Is Here.

Jump! Your Net Is Here.

Over the years I have noticed a pattern in people.

The pondering (gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to lose this excess body fat and get healthy again? hmmm…)

The procrastinators (those that think it to the point of overwhelm and then… poof! Excuses take hold)

The doers (those that want it so badly that they are ready to just go for it and do what needs to be done)

Which one are you?

I know which one I am. I’ve always been a jumper. My reasoning is — might as well get to it! I can figure it out as I go.  This works well for me because after all…. I figure out the stuff I don’t know on the way to my goals I want to achieve.

I’ll meet the right person, talk to this person, learn from that other one… and make it happen. They feel good, I feel good. Everyone feels good!

Being a doer means you do things NOW.

Now means you want it bad. It means you’re ready. You are determined to make it happen.  Right NOW can be scary for some. It holds you accountable. Now is real.

On the other side are those who are just “waiting” until next year. After all the holidays and hoopla. Waiting until after the kids get back in school. After they lose some weight. Always after something.

But what if by the time the new year rolls around you can be down a minimum of 25 pounds, have great energy, sleep better, and go into the new year soaring instead of floundering?

To a lot of people out there, and I mean LOTS, waiting makes no sense. You see, the gyms are open now. They are open during the holidays. The gyms are packed. (you just need to learn what to do there because that is only a part of it). The holidays were here last year. They are soon coming. The kids are driving you crazy and you can get out now. (you know it’s true!) You’ll start your journey of losing weight and getting results when you start now.

Right now creates a sense of urgency, accomplishment and a feeling of pride in yourself. You’ve made a decision!  One that will mean a great deal once you start. It means you are in motion and you get to make results begin to happen now.  You see?  That are some awesome thinking patterns right there. I just got really motivated after typing that just now.

So, what to do with all this, now that you are ready for your now? Why you jump of course!

JUMP! Your Net Is Here!    Now works. Now rocks. Don’t wait until…. after.

Blue skies, Cindy

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