Welcome Home?

Welcome Home?

Welcome to the beginning of 2017!

I hope you woke up refreshed, ready, anticipatory, hope filled and prepared.

Too many times I have woken up with my insides all “janked” up. Too many times I’ve woken up feeling like this room in the picture. Empty, messy, abandoned, tired, run down, violated.  We won’t even discuss what my outer self looked like at the time… UGH to the UGHth power!  Sigh…

It’s taken time and a lot of self-punishing situations (but fun times were had too) to realize how I am supposed to be walking the earth. Read: my passion, my purpose.


I don’t do resolutions. Do you?  I know that for me, hoping for something bigger, better, MORE in the new year takes a little more heartfelt thoughtfulness… a deeper digging from within.  It’s all about the “within” part to meet any wanting within you. It takes thoughtful reflection. Some honesty. Some self-accountability. Some action!

So let’s take a look at your body eh?  (please do NOT send pictures)

If you are wanting to change the outside appearance of your body – your home – you know, that place where you literally live, then let’s look inside.

What are you thinking about? What do you constantly say to yourself in your mind? What are your past experiences that hold you back? How do you use food? What are you feeding yourself? What are you drinking? Who are you hanging around? What are you feeling when you do sabotaging things to your home?

How you feel and look (I mean your energy, your aura, your attitude) is a 100% correlated in your answers. They ALL connect. The mind is the master. The body follows the mind, how you feel in your body and mind is the spirit.  The beautiful spirit of you. How’s she/he doing?


Most who are looking for weight loss or better health this time of year are thinking to just join a gym and go move their bodies more, shake things up a little to see if they can get to their healthy self.

All that usually does is shake up the messy things already inside the home. (your mindset)

Make a plan first.

  1. Write down what you desire. Write down if you are ready to learn, delve, create, grow, discern with tools and ideas to help you get to your desire. WRITE SOME STUFF DOWN.  And hey, get real real honest with yourself. I’ve learned we all have a tendency, as humans do, to bullshit ourselves. Don’t do it. Be authentic. Usually when I personally hit a trigger I will tear up a bit… and struggle internally before writing it down. That’s when I know I’ve hit a truth within me. Hmmm… don’t be afraid of this. This is where the magic happens.
  2. Call an expert to help you. This would not be your high school chum or your already struggling with their health and weight loss friend or neighbor. Any time a person wants to learn something (like paint) or have something fixed like the wires in your home (mindset, health, weight loss) they call an expert in that particular field.

Today at the gym I work out at there will be people, lots more than usual, flocking to the cardio equipment and checking out the ‘intimidating’ strength training area. I root them on every year! I know that most won’t make it though.

It bums me out a little as they are doing what gyms make their money from… get you in so that you pay your monthly fee, and keep paying whether you attend or not, but  you keep telling yourself a year later that you’re going to DO THIS, along with a couple free sessions and then set you loose in the jungle of equipment there with the same mindset, questions, concerns, self-sabotaging habits.

My passion is helping people with their weight loss and health. Not just helping them, but teaching them the tools so they  have the power within to do it on their own from there on out. That takes many things. I incorporate all of it. Mind, Body, Spirit. These things take a little time.  What do we do when things take time but we want it now? Impatience sets in, self-sabatoging thoughts take over, and we – give up.

Don’t give in. Don’t give up. You’ve got to Learn it: learn the how to! You’ve got to Earn it: you have to experience the accomplishments, the body changes, the pitfalls and the Ah HA moments – those are what solidifies habits and patterns in your thoughts and actions.

To own it you need to experience it. It cannot be given to you. There is no quick fix, no magic pill. The only thing I want you to ‘quit’ is the thought process of thinking that there are quick fixes and magic pills.

You’ve heard it before and it’s well worth repeating.  Anything worth having has been fought for, earned, respected.

YOU are worth the truth, the fight, the struggle, the tears, the growth, the release of false perceptions – you are worth the respect!

Let’s make this year the year you make your beautiful house a loving, kick ass, formidable, welcoming, strong, beautiful home!

With massive positive thoughts to  you, Happy New Year!

Hugs, Cindy

P.S. If you are ready let’s get to tidying up around the house a bit eh? 😉

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