Wax, Buff, Shine.

Wax, Buff, Shine.

Whoa! Wait a slick second! What did I just do?

Have you ever left your “car” on the side of the road and jumped into someone else’ car and taken a “road trip”? Did that car, once you jumped into it, start to lose its shine, attractiveness, and charm?  It started to stink a little inside didn’t it?

After the initial one, two or three months of being on the road with them, you start to see the tears in the leather, the dust on the dash board, and wadded up tissues, fast food bags and gum wrappers left on the floor.  Sweet heavens, trash is everywhere! And the engine?  It’s grinding along and making a funny sound. Have they ever done any maintenance on that sucker you find yourself thinking? A general deep cleaning?  Hey, look! There’s a Mike’s Car Wash! I’ve got quarters…let’s pull over and give this baby a good once over!

It seems so often we want to jump out of our own car too quickly and into someone else’s – thinking theirs seems so much better than ours.

Most peoples cars have dents and dings. Some have been knocked out, buffed and waxed with a gentle loving towel. While others have rust underneath that you can’t see at first glance or are just plain old messed up on the inside and left that way with no intention of ever fixing it up.

When we meet someone, whether in friendship or in developing a deeper relationship, most people tend to minimize dents and junk. Our eyes seem to sweep over it all in the beginning as we are focused on the new ride. All we see is the newness – it’s not OUR junky car! So, we jump in.

It’s okay to stay in your car when you pull up next to someone else’s that catches your eye. I know a lot of people who are jumpers. Heck, I’ve been one in the past. However, learning that and knowing it helps me remain in my car while I am admiring someone elses vehicle nowadays. I like to do maintenance on my car – regularly. It always fascinates me when I find a dent in my “body.” I like to explore it, figure out how it got there. Then I get on that sucker and I knock it out as best I can and shine it up. Do you notice that there tends to be less “DRAMA” in your life when you stay in your own car?

The goal is best met when you are making your car attractive for YOU, not for someone else. To be proud of your car, you are the one who needs to take care of it, be accountable for it, not rely on someone else to do the maintenance and manual labor.  Now, don’t get me wrong! Working on cars together can be quite exhilarating and fun!

You can park 2 cars in most garages these days (if you’re not a pack rat that is!).  However, your car is YOUR CAR, so you get to keep it – always. Take care of your car. Nurture and respect your car. Love your car. Be proud of your car.  There is only one car like yours, and baby, it’s a beauty!

All car talk aside…the bottom line is this, relationships don’t heal us. They bring UP our “junk.” So the best time to heal yourself sometimes is in those “alone” places.  Those “quiet” times. Those “I’m bored and lonely” moments. You’re not lonely, because you are never truly alone. Or perhaps we are always alone, but surrounded with noise.  Check yourself, your heart. Who are you?  It’s something we could always get better at don’t you agree? In those times is when it would be a good thing to get out your buffer and shine up your car.

Here are 3 Powerful Ways to help you to remember to stay in your own car. If you like to read, this book is excellent as well: 7 Levels of Intimacy. I’ve read it many times. It’s great!

Ultimately when you find someone who has been able to get to the quiet, alone place and look at themselves and done the healing that is required to walk the road of life with someone else is when it gets really cool. When there are two or more people who understand this, that’s when magical, compassionate, respectful, loving, understanding relationships can occur.  Ahhh, bliss!

Hey! Look!  There’s a Mike’s Car Wash over there. Let’s pull over and clean this baby up a bit.

A big part of taking care of yourself and your “car” is working out and learning how to eat correctly which will not only get you healthy, but keep you remaining healthy. There is so much bombarding us out there that it gets confusing!  I bring it back to the basics for you. Time and time again my awesome clients tell me how great they feel within DAYS of eating how I teach them to. Their energy and whole bodies seem to wake up. Then it’s time to get busy and LIFT! That’s where the magic happens…weights. Time for you to get busy baby!  Let’s ring in the New Year with a new, shinier version of you! Now’s the time for that action to occur. You already rock, now it’s time to roll…  Check out what works for you HERE!

Hugs, Cin 😉

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