“To Have Fat? Or Not To Have Fat?”

“To Have Fat? Or Not To Have Fat?”

$40 BILLION a year is spent on weight loss products!

Why IS that?

While everyone’s shape and size is different, internally our bodies work the same way (for most). Our hearts pump blood the same way, our subconscious thought life works the same way, our brain delivers messages throughout our body the same way, our nutrients are delivered throughout our body the same way, we grow hair, skin and nails the same way.  You get my drift.

We need to stay away from man-made fats which can raise bad (LDL) cholesterol and lower the good stuff (HDL). These man-made fats have been chemically altered through hydrogenation (read definition here).  High fructose corn syrup for instance is highly addictive and very damaging to the metabolic processes of the body. Yes, human, this means you!

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And do NOT get me started on SUGAR. Oops, too late. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Sugar is a drug. For the record, so is caffeine. No, I’m serious. I believe it. When, I’m jonesing for something chocolaty, I am like, “I NEED some chocolate and I NEED IT NOW!” and until it’s been satisfied I am obsessed with the desire of getting it in me!  Sometimes I fight it and win, sometimes I choose to lose.

High glycemic loaded food turns into sugars in your body.  These “food” items are things like cookies, muffins, crackers, pancakes, breads, donuts, french fries, all starches. High glycemic and partially hydrogenated foods (margarine/canola) make your body’s insulin levels spike. Insulin is a fat producing hormone. Hmmmm, getting the picture?

Neuroscientists have shown, using MRI to scan the brain‘s activity in real-time, that sugar leads to dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens – an area associated with motivation, novelty, and reward.  This is the same brain region implicated in response to cocaine and heroin. – Nora Volker, a researcher at the National institutes for Drug Abuse has shown, using brain imaging, that there are similarities in the brains of obese people and those of drug addicts and alcoholics. (Excerpt from Psychology Today).   My name is Cindy Sams, and I am a chocoholic. (wink)

Get this, Americans consume approximately 150 pounds of sugar PER YEAR. Gross! About 79 pounds of that is in high fructose corn syrup items! Remember HFCS is a toxin and is killing us and it’s in nearly EVERYTHING on the shelves at your grocery store. Sigh, what to do, what to do? Well keep reading babe, we’re not through yet.

Listen, part of what I do is get people off of this whole “low fat/no fat/zero calories/diet soda/any soda” crazy train by making them aware of all this. Using a low fat dressing on your salad for instance will only leave you hungry sooner and more importantly, you will not be benefiting from the nutrients coming from the green part of your salad as there is no fat to transport them!  Regular dressings will not make you gain weight. You gain weight from the portion size you consume and the chemical cocktails that are put in the low/no fat dressings and other items like sour cream for instance. How about  the old, “I’ll have a cheeseburger and a DIET soda please.” Oy! At the end of the day, low fat diets leave you constantly hungry…and set you up to consume more calories. Please remember that this stuff is a chemical substance and there is nothing healthy about it.

These days it seems we are eating nothing resembling food. Real food grows, rots and sprouts. We are overfed and undernourished as a society. But you can immediately change all this starting on your next trip to the grocery store. I promise you, if you stop feeding your body the bad stuff, it will acclimate quite happily to it no longer being inside of you and it will CRAVE and thank you for the delicious array of real foods you start to give it. Your choice. I promise you though, you will notice it in your weight. Heck, your overall  health and APPEARANCE will improve.

Okay, so now that we have all that bad news out of way, believe it or not our bodies need certain fats to work correctly on the inside – yes, and even to LOSE weight!  Remember: good fats are necessary to help deliver nutrients all over our body.  So by denying your body healthy fats, you are nutritionally neglecting it.

Some good Omega 3’s to put into your eating plan are a 4 ounce portion of one of the following:
Salmon (Atlantic, Chinook, Coho), Anchovies, Bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna canned, Sardines, Trout, Crab, Cod, Scallops, Lobsters, Tilapia or Shrimp

Try putting some flax seed oil on your salad or soybean oil for a nice splash of omega-3. These carry alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the type of omega-3 found in some vegetable oils, which the body partially converts to EPA and DHA.

Some other good stuff:

Beans: Kidney, pinto, and mung beans will do you right. By the way – I love QUINOA!
Nuts and seeds: Add a nutty flavor to salad, yogurt, or morning muesli with walnuts, chia seeds or flax seeds. A small handful of either will up your omega-3 intake.
Spinach: Popeye had it right honey! Serve up this leafy green in a salad, or sauté it and add it to a whole-grain pasta dish, or your fruit smoothie!
Winter squash: This veggie makes an awesome side dish.
Broccoli and cauliflower: These are on your side when it comes to omega-3s.
Avacados: Enough said! Yum.

Quick note on detoxing.  To do this, first and foremost – STOP putting the afore-mentioned toxins IN your body.

If you want to get healthy faster, consume green veggies! Better yet – JUICE IT! It digests easier and you can get your ‘daily needed’ in.  Blend it up in a blender. You don’t particularly need a juicer. There are SO MANY excellent powerful nutrients in things like Kale and Spinach. Eat them for heavens sakes!

Put your fruit in the bottom of your blender first(I recommend pineapple/strawberry/blueberry), I sometimes add a dollop of yogurt, then add your parsley and cilantro (which is great for releasing heavy metals in your blood), throw in some chia seeds and/or a slice of aloe vera.  They turn gelatinous and toxins love to latch onto them and they flush from your system! Viola! I also always add fresh ginger root (an inch) and Kale and Spinach.  Alternating cucumbers, juice squeezed from a lemon and carrots. This takes just a push of a button and, boom, you’ve got some seriously awesome FAST FOOD!!  It’s what your body is craving for and well, not to be morbid, but dying for the lack of it. Fact: It is far far less expensive to eat delicious real food and to BE and live healthfully than it is to be sick, tired and seriously ill.

Instead of being a victim and saying “I want that but I can’t have it” (awww, someone call the waaambulance!), be victorious instead and say “I can have it but I choose not to have it.”  Completely different energy! You were born with personal choice. By the way, here’s a great way to look at the saying from the Bible’s perspective on “Sowing to the flesh.”  Look at “sowing to the flesh” as meaning turning towards food to meet a need or to fulfill you in some way. God gave us a directive: do not sow to the flesh. In otherwords: Don’t Give In! You were given free will sweetheart. Use it. It will empower you.

My clients who tell me they are addicted to sweets and sodas and say they have headaches or worse when they don’t take it, I say to them, Whoa! If you need to ‘wean’ yourself off of something or go cold turkey, that means you have an addiction darling and you have to let your body go through the 3 days of headaches or whatever.  Again, your body will acclimate to what you give it. You’re in charge.  Let it acclimate to something healthier.

Wrapping this up I want to say that getting healthy and eating how we were intended to eat is not hard. It’s only hard if you are not ready to do it.  Some are. Some aren’t.  But doesn’t it seem like healthy people who take care of themselves appear to act happier?  I get we all have problems in our life, but I mean, on a healthy body level, attitude level.  When you are healthy and eating right and your body is getting the good things you are giving it, your mental attitude and energy is just JACKED UP! You smile more, your skin glows, your eyes are brighter and whiter, you just dig feeling fit, healthy and well! On the flip side, when you feel like crap, you look like crap, which in turn, makes you feel like crap and you just well, don’t look good feeling like crap.

So again, it’s not that hard.  Just buy real food.  Lean meats, fresh veggies and fruits. Lots and lots of water.  Regular old water. Eat less, more frequently and yea, move a little more than you were moving yesterday.  You’ll be on the right track for better livin!

Oh! I almost forgot!  If you watch NOTHING else this week – Watch “HUNGRY FOR CHANGE” it is a documentary on Netflix. You will be blown away.

All this has made me realize, it’s time!  One green blended smoothie coming up!  (or going down, wink!)

Love ya,

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