There’s No Place Like Toned, There’s No Place Like Toned.

There’s No Place Like Toned, There’s No Place Like Toned.




Really, isn’t that what you’re looking for at the end of the day?  What happened over the years with babies, gravity and sun abuse? Sagging, dimply skin – all a’jiggle like, jello.

My word for that is: No.

People come to me looking to “lose weight.” They are either new to it, or they have tried other things to no avail. Maybe what they were doing was fun and new, but it never quite reached the mark they were hoping for.

While I have six steps for my clients to reach maximum success, with the biggest mind opening experience they get to have is with how their body works with proper food habits, it’s really the strength training that makes the good juju happen. Ahhh, weights!

For the most part, women have a tendency to either steer clear of the weight area because they feel more comfortable in a class, don’t lift properly for maximum efficient and effective results, or are intimidated and don’t want to bulk up.

But to tone, tighten, lift and firm, you need weights honey. And you need to learn how the mind and body works together to get that muscle working to the best of its ability!  It’s my favorite happy place.

You don’t start off going so hard you can’t move for three days. That defeats the purpose for most people and it will be difficult to see the kind of quick results you can get when you do it correctly.

So here we lift, you learn, we talk, you learn, we chat, you laugh – yep, that’s essential to my energy (and yours!)

So stop wishing you were toned. Clicking your heels won’t work.

But this might:

And, this:

Oh, this is good stuff to lift and pull on too:

And then there’s this and this and this:

These are all incredible to learn and play with to get back to No Place Like TONED!

Why should you learn to strength train with weights and machines?

Because muscle gives your body its strength, shape and definition. It’s also extremely metabolic, since each pound of muscle can burn up to 50 calories per day. The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn 24/7! So when you lift at least three times a week you become a higher-calorie-burning machine! This helps you lose weight that is fat without sacrificing muscle gain.

Trust me, the people that work out with me see, feel and notice the difference – as do others!

They learn it here, they earn it here and they own it “out there” in the world!!!

Sigh….. sure is my happy place!

No more wishing it were so honey…

And just like Yoda says:

Want to make some serious stuff happen?  Sign up for my five month GAME CHANGER PACKAGE right here: and let’s get busy doing!


Big hugs and Blue skies,

Cin 😉





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