The Journey Of 1000 Calories

The Journey Of 1000 Calories

I’d like to tell you a little tale of two different 1000 calorie journeys. One will take you down the path of wellness and weight loss or maintenance, the other will take you down the slippery slope to sluggishness, obesity and “ugh.”

I opened my eyes on this beautiful Monday with hope, a giddiness of knowing that something amazing was going to happen this week. I got up, drank my coffee, showered and started my day. In the kitchen I made two scrambled eggs, a dash of pepper and a pinch of shredded cheese. (355) It was delicious and gave me the fuel I needed to start my engine for the morning. (AKA: my metabolism!)  That was around 7 a.m.

Whew!  Busy morning. It’s around 10 a.m.  I can feel my body nudging me for some more fuel.  I grab a quick snack of 1/3 cup of cottage cheese and about eight bite sized pineapple chunks. (116) Mmmm, light and refreshing!  Ready to keep going.

About 12:45 p.m. my body is telling me “Feed Me Seymour” and I make myself a quick half sandwich. Thick sliced turkey with some good ‘ol regular mayo. (210) (Think: after Thanksgiving Day turkey meat kind of sandwich). It hit the spot and was so good! Yep, I even shook a little sea salt on that baby. I eat this in my car as I am out doing a couple quick errands!

It’s 3:30 p.m. and I am starting to yawn. Hey, I know what that means. My blood sugar is probably dropping so I need to refuel!  I eat a small pepper with about 3 tbsp. of hummus for a little snack and am back to my energetic self! (121)

For dinner at 5:30 p.m. I am grabbing a half of chicken breast, a cup of green beans and a half cup of organic unsweetened applesauce. (223)

Around 6:30 p.m. I will be relaxing for a minute and have two bite sized squares of dark, organic chocolate. (100) Glorious!

This day totaled 1,125 calories.  I fed my body all day long with some really great stuff! I am energized, not over-full and am going for a walk because it’s gorgeous out!

Ugh. Slept horribly. I think I ate too much, too late yesterday and I am sure I didn’t need that other glass of wine.

Man, am I HUNGRY! It’s 8 a.m. A bagel with cream cheese sounds like it might help. (441)

Wow, it’s only 9:30 a.m. and I am starving again.  Hmmm, I wonder what’s in the lunchroom… Brownies! Perfect! Whew… that saved the day and hit the spot. (243)

It’s lunchtime, 12 p.m. and I am heading to lunch with a friend.  A cheeseburger sounds good, but I should have the salad. Cheeseburger wins out, oh… and so did the fries that came with it. For some reason I am STARVING today!  Stuffed afterwards, but that should keep me until dinner. (998)

3 p.m. Kind of feeling tired and sluggish. I thought I saw a granola bar in the lunch room.  Grabbing that as I am tired and need a pick me up and it’s the healthiest thing I could find. (100)  Alright, alright… I grabbed another brownie, so sue me. (243)

7 p.m. Whew, what a day. I am tired and just want to put my feet up and watch my television shows. Dinner is a thick pork chop, some rice, and broccoli. (443)  Tummy full. Me sleepy.

Went to bed still full around 10 p.m. This day, was a whopping 2,468 calories. I packed it with starches, sugars and unhealthy fats.  Geez, no wonder I can’t lose weight.


Two completely different days. Two completely different feeling bodies, minds, spirits.

It’s super easy to get off track.

Everyone knows there are seven days in a week. No one is going to be on track 24/7/365.  That would be absolutely zero fun!

So, here’s what I have found works. It worked for me and it works for those who I get to help. Consistency, and determination are two things you will need in the beginning if you’ve been riding off the rails for a while.

It’s not forever. It’s the beginning. And we all know, beginnings can be tricky.  That’s when all our “stuff” comes up. Our road blocks, our excuses, our it’s impossible cry!

You are in charge of your body. It doesn’t run you, you run it… got it?!

Two things are going to happen if you stay with the Scene 1 track. First, your energy will sky rocket. Say hello to your metabolism. Second, your body will acclimate to eating this way. (Pssst: This means it will get easier)

Guess what comes after acclimation?

Results!  Awesome, mind-blowing, giggling, screaming, happy dance RESULTS!

You just need to do Scene 1 consistently for however long it takes. It could be three months, it could be nine to twelve. Whatever your goals, you need consistency.

I am all for a great burger. I will however skip french fries and either have nothing with it or some cottage cheese on the side. I will also only eat half.  Why half?  Because I would be so stinkin’, horribly, uncomfortably FULL if I ate all of it, as my body has acclimated to smaller portions which has lead me to keep my weight off for thirteen years!

It’s possible. I promise. This “mission” is entirely FITPOSSIBLE! It’s been done over and over and you can too.

There are six major things you need to learn and acquire skills for and then results are fabulous!  One of the first and foremost is this eating thing.  Seriously, it’s where the magic happens.

Trust me, I don’t eat 100% “on it” – ever.  However, there are seven days a week and I am “on it” for about 5-6 of those days, depending on what’s going on.

I can and will help you with this part. I make it simple. (Now, I didn’t say easy, as nothing worth having and holding onto ever is right?!)

The other five components of creating the body you envision start here at the Full-Body Fitness, LLC STUDIO.

Envision how you want to look!  Envision how you want to feel! Go deep and get R A D I C A L L Y honest with yourself about what you are eating, your physical activity, your self-talk, and what you are willing to do to CHANGE IT.  (I’ll help you with all of that as well)  Now tell me about it!  I want to know. I want to help you.

I get that we are inundated as a society on what is the right way to do this. Don’t waste another minute spinning your wheels.  It’s time for the rubber to hit the road.

Hugs and blue skies,

Cindy 😀

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