Caring Kari!

“I had just turned 50 and was sick of how I looked and felt, even though I worked out almost every day. I came across Cindy in my search for a nutritionist, and her reviews were so great I decided to reach out. I’m so glad I did, she is awesome! A trainer with huge focus on nutrition. I have done many diets in the past, most recently weight watchers and Nutrisystems. What Cindy showed me was I was not feeding my body good wholesome foods and nutrients. The best part of all this is Cindy is such an amazing ball of energy and spunk, it’s a highlight of my day to workout with her. I get an ab workout from all the laughing and I always leave in a better mood just from being around her.”

SO FUN working with nurse Kari. Congratulations on all your dedication to eating correctly! Wow, those muscles! Here’s to proper strength training eh?  You look amazing and healthy!


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