Passion: Love what you do!

Passion: Love what you do!

Hi Friend!

It started in August this year. I didn’t want to mention it before now but here we go. Halloween candy. It’s everywhere! Bags and bags and BAGS of it. They try to ‘talk’ to me. They try to catch my eye as I run into the store for some milk, fruit, organic spinach and chicken.  Those sly, crafty little bags. Can’t you SEE I am trying to be healthy here?  Those darn Milk Duds! They never fail to seduce….  hmmpft!  You lost again Aisle 11 — for now. Take that! (insert karate kick here)

My passion is helping others: sharing my gifts, talents, knowledge and experience.  In many different areas as well, however, more specifically, with weight loss, strength training and eating the ‘right’ way.  Helping someone change their life and health for the better by sharing a passion is pretty cool.

When you work on the body it affects the mind and spirit as well and I believe, all three are deeply connected. Pretty much all of my passions tie in around psychology, human nature, anti-aging and all around general happiness. You only have one body. It’s a priority(.)(read: PERIOD!)

It brings me great joy when my clients tell me how awesome they feel AFTER working out for an hour in the studio. They come in tired, cranky from their day. Or maybe they are new and are apprehensive; “Is this going to work for me?” or “Can I even do this?” Then, WHAM! It happens.  Their bodies change, over time, they become strong, straight, toned, tighter and lighter – happier.  See I don’t give them a pill, shake or bar to get them thin or just to lose weight.  I just teach them the ‘how to’ stuff and in turn, that empowers them to be self sufficient to go on their merry lives and continue on.  THEY now have the same knowledge and skills (read: Confidence) and have seen the results of their time spent here.   How can THAT not affect your mind and spirit right?  Yea, it’s pretty cool, and I am rather passionate about it.

Your muscles need to be stressed with added weight for them to get sleek and shapely.  Quite frankly, it’s not going to happen if you are not lifting, lifting correctly, and learning different exercises for each muscles group. I’ve seen plenty of people over the years throwing weights around and jumping around in classes and running like crazy on a treadmill – to no avail. Nothing changes.  What gives?

It’s simple. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. Those babies are your FAT BURNERS honey! Lifting also makes your bones stronger and harder. Lifting weights slims your thighs, butt, arms, back, your… E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!!  See my PASSION!? I get so excited about this stuff.

This is where I come in. There is SO much to teach you and coach you on. So get in here already.  Time is a’ wastin’.  It’s SO fulfilling when a person lights up from learning this stuff I share. Their “ah ha” bulb goes ding, ding, ding – I get it!  Please read some of my wonderful clients’ (Testimonials) here.

I am just a phone call away and YOU are just a few months out from getting your body, mind and spirit in a rockin’ state of MOJO.  It all starts right here: Fitness Assessment (This is the powerful place we start!)

Love ya, Cin

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