Ahhhh! SPRING BREAK. You’ve probably already booked your trip and are thinking about it.

Beaches, sunshine, swimsuits and skin!

Those pictures do NOT lie.

People think the “new year” is my busy time… while yes it sure is (I’ve got six rockin’ peeps in the studio today, which I don’t consider a busy day btw), it’s not my BUSIEST time. Every year AFTER spring break is when I get super busy it seems.

When you are overweight and feeling fat and fed up with it all, taking pictures on the beach half naked is depressing. Seeing those pictures is torture!

I used to be that woman who didn’t get in photos much, or would hide behind the family if I did have to get in the shot.

After five months of really focusing, learning, working out six days a week and changing my habits, suddenly I could see bones in my body again that I hadn’t seen in a while!  Fat pockets, bulges, wiggles and jiggles were gone.

So. Much. Better.

I LOVE helping women lose the bra fat, muffin tops, and rolls!!!!! <3

It’s the beginning of February. It’s time to get on this warmer weather body now. Not four weeks before going on a beach trip. Now.

It’s not about the what the scale says, it’s about the jiggle, wiggle, bulges and bloat. It’s about the unhealthy extra body fat that you are dragging around.  That’s not good for your heart, let alone your psyche!

It’s time to say SO LONG to those things people.

You can too. It’s done all the time here. Let’s get a little busy.

😉 Hugs and blue skies!



I am ALREADY so excited for you! Ahhh! SPRING BREAK!  😀

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