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Quit That. Do This.

Quit That. Do This.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly a patient person.  I think fast, I walk fast, I talk fast and I like to handle things quickly. Well, some things anyway…  Is that you as well?
As far as weight loss is concerned, taking it slow and steady is the hardest part for people to wrap their minds around when, after a long dreary winter with little to no physical activity, they want to strap on some gym shoes and go run their butts off to burn those calories!
It always makes me smile to see everyone going after it and I give you considerable points for your efforts!  However, if you are in a pattern year after year perhaps some of these tips could get you out of that pattern and off that hamster wheel.
Here are a few things you can quit doing today that will help you lose weight and other things to replace them with to feel better and be healthier.
Soda  consumption is linked to SO many diseases which include obesity, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney stones. Just to name a few. Every time a soda is purchased, the soda industry is being empowered to continue selling health destroying beverages. Stop feeding the beast.
You KNOW this stuff!  Quit already. Most if not all of my clients quit drinking this poison because I get to help them understand the significant damage they are doing to their body.  I explain that they are going to be spending some time with me and they just dropped a chunk of change, so why WOULDN’T they quit this.  It’s basically a DRUG!  They go through a day, maybe two of headaches and are good to go after that. They tell me they feel great and see weight drop.  If your body is actually going through a withdrawal experience (headache/nervousness/anxiety) that tells you VERY CLEARLY that this is something your body is addicted to.  This is not a natural occurrence friend.  This is just crazy to me! For more in depth information read this:
Get out and breathe fresh air. Pump up your water consumption! Tip:  Put some FRESH lemon and/or lime slices to boost your alkaline levels. Most of us are walking around completely acidic which is a hotbed for ill health.

WATER FACTS: Your body does not work at optimal levels without drinking water.  It is one of things you need to survive but your body does not “make” like other things (hair, blood, bones, skin, etc.)  Your muscles are about 75% water, your brain cells are about 85% water, your blood is about 82% water, your bones are about 25% water. Get it?  Drink more water. You cannot live without oxygen and water. So breathe in deep and gulp it up.

I love eating out at restaurants. Love it.  Here’s the problem though, it’s a dual problem.  Are you ready? Not only are portions two to three times too large, but we’re usually eating later in the evening- way past the time when I tell my clients to “shut it down” for the night.  This “event” usually includes alcohol for most whether a glass or two of wine or beer. Remember also, even when it appears to be good for you (i.e., salad), that comes to your table in what I like to call a “trough” where you gobble it all up thinking, “Yes! I did good! I had a “salad.”  However the size is what gets you.  Skip the potatoes, rice and rolls – especially at dinner. Rolls give you rolls!  Rolls that you are trying to get rid of.

Split your meals with your honey or a friend.  Yes, even the salads. Or save half for your lunch or dinner the next day. Again, just skip the bread basket. Seriously, you’ll survive. Just skip it. Obviously try to make the best choices possible. The foods that are broiled, grilled or baked are good.  Stay away from breaded, fried, buttered, crispy, creamy or cheesy.  What?!?  Why bother going out right! HA!  I hear ya.  But again, once in a while is okay, about 80% of the time you want to be “on it.” This is where you have to remember there are SEVEN days in a week. Do good five to six of those and I can promise you, you’ll make your body “angry” if you splurge too much after your body gets used to eating more properly.

A regular portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards. For everyone. Even you men. (smile!) Go see how small a deck of cards is. I mean, look at the thickness and everything.  Man, it’s small.  But THAT is a portion my friend. (don’t shoot the messenger!) I tell people they should just have a small bowl of salad or a portion of veggies (1 cup) with their grilled meat.  That’s all.  Don’t look at me like that. It’s enough. I promise you, you’re body is not “starving.”  I’ll refrain from posting a picture of what a starving person actually looks like. Yes, my eyebrow is raised right now. But my heart is big for you and your journey.

Your body will acclimate to EVERY thing you give it.  Whether it is something good for your body or something bad for it. It will adjust and acclimate.  So, while I understand the weather is warmer now and people want to strap on those running shoes and go hit it hard on the street. Stop. If your goal is for weight loss and muscle toning, stop.

Listen, if your goals are fat loss and endurance, train how the marathoners do it.  Start at a slower pace and acclimate your body to that. Start with about 4 days, 30 minutes minimum at about 60%-75% of your maximum heart rate zone for four weeks. Here’s the formula for finding your “Fat Burn Zone.” Take 220 and subtract your age, that number is your maximum heart rate. Multiply that number by 60% to get your low end of your “fat burn zone” and then take the MHR and multiply by 75%. That is your high end of your FBZ.  The first week or two, let you body adjust to this pace.  Soon enough you will see and feel your body acclimating. That is the time to step it up a bit more. Build your cardio foundation brick by brick until you have a strong foundation. After about a month of four times a week walks/to jogs/to runs you will be able to keep your heart rate lower and move at a faster pace. This is your body telling you that it is now understanding what you want from it and will run properly and do the things you want it to do to lose weight on a cellular level.

I hope some of these things help you!  I know that for some, it will be hard to read and implement into their lives.  That’s okay.  It’s not your time.  When a person is ready to stop something not beneficial for them and start something that is or at least take a look at it, they will step up to the plate. If you are needing a little motivation then let me help you. I have got your back. www.fbfitness.com

Until then, breathe it in my friend.  Here’s to your health!
Love ya, Cin 😉

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