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“Good Question!”

“Good Question!”

So, the other day at the YMCA I personally work out at, this guy asked me a question in the middle of my sets.  We’ll call him Tony.  We’ll call him that because that’s his name. I told him I was going to write a blog about his question to me.  The question kind of irritated me at first by the way he asked it.  Then I got off my defensive step, and answered with a laugh and a resounding YES to the whole question!  You want to know the question don’t ya?
“So, Cindy, do you work out for vanity or health?”

See what I mean?  At first I felt like he was calling me out! I heard him ask this with a little cocky attitude. Or at least so I thought.  But he’s a super nice guy, so I took his question to heart.  And I do, after all, like to wear cute tops and skorts and am usually “made up a bit” because I have been out and about in my day.  But, wait a sec. Who doesn’t do this for vanity!?  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.  Duh. I pray mine is a healthy vanity and I to try remain humble. God always seems to help me with the humble part by placing a zit right on my nose or cheek and/or creating an extremely horrid hair day. Sigh. Thanks Lord.
However, on the other hand, as a 48 year old woman and as a 10+ year personal trainer helping people lose weight and get healthier, I have to say yes, I do it for my health (and anti-aging!) as well!  I want to AGE WELL.  Our body is the only one we have. I have gained a little knowledge over the years on how it actually works deep down inside, on a cellular level and I like to share that knowledge.  Unless you are completely oblivious as to why it’s breaking down, you KNOW you only have one and you should be taking better care of it.  Yet we abuse it regularly – yes, even I on occasion over do a bit.  (No comment from the peanut gallery please!) 😉
Here’s the thing though…I have found that people come to work with me because their numero uno issue is NOT about a health problem.  It’s about how they “hate” the way they look in their clothes. They don’t like the way they feel in their clothes.  Let alone how they look OUT of their clothes (read: butt naked). Their confidence level is low, their energy is in the dumps, their sex drives are low to non-existent because they don’t like the way the LOOK and FEEL.  Eeesh!  The self-loathing, body hate language I hear regularly is hurtful to my heart and THAT is exactly what I love helping folks with.  
So, without going into it further, because you just know I could — my answer Tony is a resounding YES!!! Yes to both.  And of course today I am, once again, in a little skorty, strappy outfit which I will go lift in and then take a beautiful walk outside with some friends, stop and have some lunch and perhaps a beverage of some sort.  Everything in moderation my dears – even moderation. 😉
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