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Going Old School – Basics baby, Basics

Going Old School – Basics baby, Basics

Do you know how resilient your body and muscles are?!

Your muscles LOVE when you lift weights and put it to WORK!

Remember back in the day? We CUT WOOD by hand and made mortar to build our homes, we plowed with horse, we planted or hunted our food FOR THE DAY, we took the clothes down to the stream to be washed… and then dragged that heavy load back to be hung to dry. We ate dinner before dark, got a great nights sleep and felt strong and refreshed the next day.

No one over ate, you ate to live, not lived to eat. There was no pantry with fake processed foods, there was no late night snacking.

No one sat around, EVERYONE had a job to do to create an organized effective lifestyle. If you were not pulling your weight, you got the boot! (or put in the outhouse for a time out!?)

No one was working themselves to death for someone else’s business. Everyone HAD their own business and worked appropriate hours. More effective outcomes, less stress and angst. It was what it was and everyone was doing their own thing.

EVERYONE TALKED TO EACH OTHER. You WERE each others safety net and lifeline to social/human interaction.

It’s not that difficult to eat correctly to thrive, lose fat, and have massive energy. It’s really not. It’s not that difficult to learn the hows and whys of lifting weights to strength train our body and muscles. It’s really not.

We don’t NEED to go back to the old days – not completely anyway. 😉 😉 Sigh….. I sometimes wish!

Why is it we always seem to weight…oops I mean wait, until we are sick, fat, and pooped beyond reason, and irritated with ourselves (and others).

You have a skeletal system, a muscular system, the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems, you have a blood pumping, heart beating engine in your glorious body that BEGS to be put to work.

Do you know why people regularly find massive success here? They go back to the basics.

A lot (most) people jump ahead to things that are outside their abilities when they start. They get defeated and don’t learn a thing except getting their butts handed to them, sweat their minds out, and get injured in some way. I love to tell ya, (as opposed to hate to tell you) but there is a more fast, efficient, effective way to get you to your goals. Not being able to move for three days is not one of them. Ummm, when did this EVER work? It doesn’t.

Foundational habits, fat, inches and bulges GONE, and a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and doesn’t cost excess money every month (outside of your gym membership when finished here) is what you are wanting if you sit and think about it for a sec.

Truly truly I tell ya, time to go old school. 😉 😉



Call today to set up your fitness assessment and get it done already! Or call for a 15 minute meet and greet to discuss working together. Let’s see if I have times available for YOU to finally succeed in your FAT LOSS endeavors! (psssst…. it’s not the weight you really care about if you think about it….that’ll come… it’s the jiggle, wiggle, and unwanted bulges that you want gone). And it’s what happens here.

Blue skies,


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