Full Body Fitness | And They Call It, WINTER.
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And They Call It, WINTER.

And They Call It, WINTER.

First comes cool rain, cloudy skies, then crisper air. From there it quickly becomes snowy, blowy, freezing and the days are long and dark. Yuck! I am not a fan of this “winter” thing.  Oh, did I mention it seems e n d l e s s…?

At the onset of colder weather, fitness habits and goals seem to get set aside for other more comfortable habits. For instance, comfort food and television. Stats show that people gain an average of 8 to 10 pounds during the holiday and winter months. Eeek. No thank you.

So in the interest of enticing you off the couch and away from the t.v., listed below are some fun ideas to keep you motivated and energized.  Here’s to helping you keep that extra weight from creeping on. You’re welcome!

Rock-wall Climbing.
Your whole body will be challenged. Your forearms will never be the same.  Hang tough. I hear this place is the bomb and I want to go play! It’s in Indianapolis over near the pyramids: CLIMB HIGHER! You CAN do it!

Ice-Skating and/or Roller Skating.
Hit the rink. Great leg and butt workout. Get out with some friends, bring the kids, have some fun.

Go see a local band and sweat it off on the dance floor. Burns lots of calories and it’s fun to people watch.  Way too many local places and fun bands for me to name. Google it honey! Google it and go shake it!  But my favorite thing is Country dancing and honey, there is no better place than 8 Seconds Saloon!

Cross Country or Down Hill Skiing.
Gets the blood pumping and body moving.  You’ll be reminded of muscles you forgot about!

The trails you hike or run on in the warmer weather have a majestic beauty in the winter. Get out there and enjoy nature. Two of my favorite places to walk/hike are Here and Here.

Definitely brings out the kid in you. Dig in with those quads and glutes when climbing back up that hill. Hot cocoa afterwards! My favorite place to sled locally is in Carmel, Indiana on Northview Church grounds. Bring your kids and check out #18 course up on the big hill!

Walk Your Dog.
No I mean it.  Get out and walk with your dog.  Don’t just let him or her out into the yard.

Dance Lessons.
Try anything from belly dancing to the Tango! Not for everyone but tons of fun if you just let yourself GO!  Go HERE in Fishers for ballroom.

Hire A Personal Trainer.
You can’t do what you don’t know. Just like a new job, you have to learn the skills to get it done well.
Ummm, I’ve heard this chick is off the hook and you’ll never be the same… Get Your Weight Loss OFF Here!  Package No. 3 is the BOMB and is changing peoples bodies, minds and spirits.

Join a local gym.
After you learn the skills with your personal trainer, lose the weight and get super fit, then it’s maintenance time. You’ll have the confidence to rule that gym and make it yours!

There’s lots of great stuff to do around town. So many more things than listed here.  Okay here’s one more… instead of sitting watching your kids play lazer tag, get in there, strap on a pack and blast away!  Don’t let your butt take the shape of your couch this winter.

Life’s moving. Get moving with it.

Hugs to you!

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